The Truth About Rhinoplasty Insurance

Published: 17th January 2009
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If you're like millions of people out there that have thought about rhinoplasty surgery, then you have discovered that rhinoplasty is not cheap. If you are like most, you would like to save thousands of dollars on your rhinoplasty. Rhinplasty is plastic surgery of the nose that can be very expensive. The average costs range from $3,000 to $8,000. To prevent having to pay the full amount you will want to read this article.

It is common knowledge that most plastic surgery is considered done for cosmetic reasons. It is also known that because of this that no insurance company will cover the cost of any cosmetic surgery including rhinoplasty. However, most insurance companies will cover items that are deemed as medically necessary.

Although there is really is no such thing as "rhinoplasty insurance" there is a way to have much of your rhinoplasty surgery covered by your insurance. As mentioned above, surgeries that are deemed medically necessary will be covered by insurance. The insurance companies agree to this from the documentation provided by your doctor or surgeon. Only your surgeon or doctor can submit the reasons you are having rhinoplasty surgery to your insurance company.

If your surgeon proposes rhinoplasty because he or she feels that the surgery is necessary to improve your health and quality of life your insurance should allow your claim and cover most or all of the procedure. However, if your claim from your surgeon states that the primary reason for the procedure is improving the look of your nose by straightening or removing a bump then your insurance company will deny your claim. This is because the primary reason stated is for cosmetic reasons.

If however, you suffered from trauma to the nose or were born with a birth defect of the nose, then it is possible some of the cost of the rhinoplasty would be covered by your insurance company. Procedures like this are known as reconstructive surgery.

Another reason your insurance company could cover the cost of rhinoplasty is if you have a medical condition such as a deviated septum. A deviated septum is a common physical disorder of the nose, involving a displacement of the septum. This typically results in breathing problems and sometimes headaches. Any claims of breathing problems or headaches as a result of a patient's nose may be covered by your insurance company.

Just remember if you can document that the primary reason for having a rhinoplasty procedure done is to improve your health and not your looks you have a high chance your insurance company will cover most of the cost of rhinoplasty. Providing you with as close as one can get to "rhinoplasty insurance".

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